BackTrack 4 Final Released!

BackTrack 4 Final has finally been released!

Along with the new BackTrack version there is also a new website including various installation, customisation and usage HowTo documents, a new blog, and a new forum.

I am currently downloading BT4 Final from the official torrent (the official downloads are here, dont forget to check the MD5 hash!) , and I will post here again with my first impressions once the download is complete and I have had a chance to look at things.

The new versions of backTrack apparently contains an expanded toolset, lots of bugfixes from the Beta and PreFinal releases, and some custom tools which I am looking forward to checking out.  BackTrack 4 Final also appears to still use a custom repository for software installation, which should make it more suitable to use as an everyday Linux system - Im wondering if there is now some automated update tool included.

Should be interesting...