GDB Extensions 1.10

Here's a new version (1.10) of my gdb extensions. See the original post here to read about what they are and what they do.

  • Many bug fixes (oh so many bugfixes)
  • The fifo files for the fifodisplay command have been moved off to the /tmp/ directory instead of the present working directory. There's a variable near the top of the script you can change to move this elsewhere if desired
  • The fifodisplay command now has a more functional "stop" feature that cleans up the fifo files and properly removes the gdb stop handler
  • The 'stop' feature of fifodisplay will also run automatically on an exited gdb event, cleaning up after itself when (for example) you finish your gdb session
  • The fifodisplay command has been modified to be a bit easier to use. It now prompts you to create the appropriate fifo listeners when the command is first run
  • A new 'printextensionhelp' command has been added to print out a list of all the commands added with the extension, as well as the purpose of each command

Thanks to deathjest3r who provided some of the suggestions for improvement that have made it into this new version.

View latest version on Github.